Social Media Marketing

connect with customers by delivering consistent value

People "like" and share social media that interests them and adds value to their lives. That's the key to success in social marketing, regardless of what networks you choose. Creating quality, consistent content is hard work and requires a commitment to both planning and spontaneity.

In addition, not all networks are created equal. Each resonates with a different audience and has its own strengths, weaknesses and "rules." It's a best practice to focus on a few networks, and maybe just one, and to excel there.

Social networking is not broadcasting. The goal is to be "social" and have virtual conversations with customers that lead to actual conversations. Overselling products and services is a quick way to cause people to tune you out.

Another decision is whether to market "organically" (free) or to pay social networks to boost your posts and visibility. We can help you with both options.

Finally, measurement is required to determine what's working, who's reading and who's sharing.

Let us know how we can help you enter the social world or enhance your current efforts.


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Social Media Marketing